Meeting and talking to real people: we all need something real out of social media. Inspiration often comes from what we see and how we translate, but also from whom we talk to. The best way to connect people, as proven in human history, is FOOD! The event was started off with ‘pizza & network’ time. Also, it was a great opportunity for designers to present themselves to some hiring managers at the event while sharing good job opportunities with each other. We also got to know some talented individuals and potential partners. The power of pizza!

Common problems that designers face: tips from speakers’ experiences

How to work with global clients in this gig economy as a designer? How to find and keep your vision and motivation? How to design communication in an organization?

There were many insights and personal advice from the speakers’ experiences which can not be found in some design books or articles simply. The audience had a great interest and paid much attention leading to a long Q&A session which was even more exciting. Especially, we loved how sharp and challenging the questions from the audience were.

Designing for event experience: what we learned for the next event

For the audience, an event has to be simple to understand, interesting to keep the attention and impressive enough to remember. Well, much easier to say than done! The reality is that you don’t even know when most of the audience will arrive or even no-show.

We designed a welcoming moment with food and finishing moments with souvenirs that we designed and supported by Dribbble and Cakeresume. For the next event, however, we felt that we need to put more effort into post-event experience so that we can retain the previous audience for the next one and turn them into a long-term and regular audience of our events.