The most common and difficult question for designers: What is a good design? We all design every day. But do we really know what good design is and how to do it? It might be a life-long question but some answers can be found from the design philosophy of Dieter Rams. Pebbo hosted an official screening event of Dieter Rams for the designer community in Taiwan to share the inspirations we have got from Dieter Rams with more designers.

Less but better: Good design is as little design as possible

Whatever you design, products, architecture or software, this design principle from Dieter Rams is an essential key to the good design. This is also what we are trying to achieve at Pebbo. Without a solid and deep understanding of the product, you can not make it happen because making something simple is all about getting into the core essence and key message of the product. In the event, we gave the audience a small design challenge to practice this principle by applying to one of their previous or current design works.

Panel talk: We need more inspirations, not just more knowledge and skills

For sure, it is important to have design knowledge and skills as those make us as designers. However, we do need fuel, inspiration to keep moving forward. Dieter Rams is extremely inspirational but you don’t have to be him to inspire someone else. Pebbo invited two guests for a panel discussion on where they get inspirations for their design.