There are many talented and passionate designers who are eager to develop themselves through self-studying. Reading normally is a personal experience, but we tried to make it more like a shared experience to maximize learning. Also, you get to really know what you read and learned from the books while preparing to present them to others. This was a regular activity that Pebbo hosted to empower individual designers to come, share and learn from each other.

The medium to connect people: Finding the like-minded ones

The best part of the book sharing activity was that everyone was so eager to share their favorite books and learning. It was the best way of getting to know each other even without introducing themselves. More interestingly, people didn’t want to leave even after the end of the event wanting to keep talking about the same interest. Also, they shared their contacts with each other to meet up again to discuss more topics together. We were so happy to achieve our goal by not only connecting people but also sustaining the learning opportunities for the individual designer’s growth.

Building a library: Of the designers, by the designers, for the designers

There was no fee to join the regular booking sharing program, with a condition of book donation. We were trying to build a library that designers can come anytime and get new learning from the books that were donated by other designers. Most of all, it was more meaningful because this program was for designers but also was built and sustained by designers. If you want to join the opportunity of learning and growing more with others, not on your own, please come and visit our space anytime! Or ask more questions to